5 types of divorced guys you should never date

There is nothing wrong with dating a divorced guy. But you should know that there are some kinds of divorced guy that you must avoid.

1. You have started dating a man for just a month, and he proposes you. He tells you that he loves you all the time. He talks about the future of your relationship. You should avoid this type of guy who jumps into a relationship. You should date someone for at least a year before deciding whether you want to marry him or not.

2. It is very common to drink alcohol when you go on a date. Drinking keeps you relaxed, and you enjoy the time with one another. If the guy orders drink several times while on a date, then that the guy must have a drinking issue. This might create a problem in your relationship later on. You should not date such a guy anymore.

3. There are some men who tell little lies all the time. Many women ignore them and take them as ‘white lies.’ But this keeps on getting bigger, and it seems that the guy has a habit of lying. You shouldn’t be in a relationship that is based on lies.

4. You should never date a guy who is negative. You will find that the guy is making negative comments about everything; his job, the weather, the market, etc. If he is always complaining and criticizing, then he is not the right guy for you.

5. You should avoid control freaks. This type of guy controls every part of your life. You might not feel bad initially, but you will hate it later. You shouldn’t let someone make decisions for you.

Going after divorced man is nothing harmful. But you just need to be careful about your choice. You shouldn’t go after someone who has the characteristics just mentioned.

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