5 types of divorced guys you should never date

There is nothing wrong with dating a divorced guy. But you should know that there are some kinds of divorced guy that you must avoid.

1. You have started dating a man for just a month, and he proposes you. He tells you that he loves you all the time. He talks about the future of your relationship. You should avoid this type of guy who jumps into a relationship. You should date someone for at least a year before deciding whether you want to marry him or not.

2. It is very common to drink alcohol when you go on a date. Drinking keeps you relaxed, and you enjoy the time with one another. If the guy orders drink several times while on a date, then that the guy must have a drinking issue. This might create a problem in your relationship later on. You should not date such a guy anymore.

3. There are some men who tell little lies all the time. Many women ignore them and take them as ‘white lies.’ But this keeps on getting bigger, and it seems that the guy has a habit of lying. You shouldn’t be in a relationship that is based on lies.

4. You should never date a guy who is negative. You will find that the guy is making negative comments about everything; his job, the weather, the market, etc. If he is always complaining and criticizing, then he is not the right guy for you.

5. You should avoid control freaks. This type of guy controls every part of your life. You might not feel bad initially, but you will hate it later. You shouldn’t let someone make decisions for you.

Going after divorced man is nothing harmful. But you just need to be careful about your choice. You shouldn’t go after someone who has the characteristics just mentioned.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t chase a guy

Dating today can be very tricky. It can be frustrating sometimes. With so many social platforms available, it is now very easy to find a date. But this kind of dating has created distance between people. Less personal communication occurs in such relationships. People now think that love can be easily found. Some women choose to chase a guy if she likes him, even if the guy doesn’t show any interest. But this is a big mistake. You should never chase a guy. Here are the reasons why.

1. Chasing someone is humiliating, and it hurts your self-esteem. You will not feel good about yourself. You should not surrender your dignity for anyone.

2. If you are chasing him, the fact may be that the guy doesn’t want you. A man who wants to be with a woman will try to be with the woman always; not run away from her.

3. The guy is probably not a good person. A good guy won’t run away. He will sit with you face-to-face and discuss what’s going on. He won’t play games with you.

4. You are wasting your time and missing out the good pieces of stuff of life. When you chase someone, the result will most likely be unhappy. You are draining all your emotions into something that won’t be yours.

5. By running after him you might get his body, but you won’t get his heart. You cannot force someone to love you. This relationship will go nowhere.

Chasing after someone is not a good thing. You will never get someone to love you. Love is something that comes naturally. You should maintain your dignity and self-esteem always.

Top 3 reasons why men break up with good women

It sometimes happens that a guy loves you, but suddenly he breaks up with you. You keep on wondering what went wrong with the relationship, but can’t find any answer. The guy won’t tell you the real reasons; but here are the main reasons men walk away from the relationship.

He felt inadequate

The man must have felt pressurized as he thought you were better than him in every respect. He felt that there was an imbalance in the relationship. This kind of pressure challenges the man’s masculinity and makes him feel inferior in front of the woman he loves. This lets the man lock down his heart and run away from the relationship.

The relationship seemed competitive

In a relationship, if a man has to compete with a woman to control the relationship, then he feels inadequate. He feels that there is no place for him in the woman’s life. He might feel that the woman is controlling the whole relationship. If the couple tries to control each other in certain areas of their relationship, then they compete. Many men cannot accept this competition.

He felt no respect

A man cannot stay with a woman who doesn’t respect him. He feels that he is the weakest point and feels attacked. This is a reason for men to escape from a relationship.

Men usually don’t talk about these reasons when they break up. But women should know that these are crucial factors which can lead to the end of a relationship.