Rebuilding that Pure Love and Romance

When you walked down the aisle you had probably imagined the path that your marriage would take and never thought that you would be desperately looking for steps to save your marriage relationship. You dreamed of a life filled with happiness and growing old with your spouse by your side. If you are like most newlyweds you never imagined that you would even consider parting ways or trying to figure out if it is even worth saving.

But, here you are looking for steps to save your marriage and rebuild that love and excitement that you had in those first days of your relationship. First, know that most marriages can be saved. Even in what might seem like the most dire circumstances, love can indeed triumph.

Of course, getting you and your spouse back on a path to happiness will not be easy, especially if one or both of you have been deeply hurt by the other. But, if staying together is what you truly want, it can not only make you happy but can make your bond stronger.

Step One — Ask yourself if you are willing to try to do the necessary work to rebuild your marital happiness. It is not important right now for you to absolutely decide to stay in the marriage, only to know that you want to try. The willingness to test the waters says a great deal about you and your partners commitment to each other and marriage as an institution.

Step Two — Reignite your romance. Even if you do not feel very connected to your spouse right now it is important that the two of you try to infuse a little romance back into your marriage. Go out on dates or take a little trip and focus only on reconnecting with each other. You might be surprised when you remember how much you enjoy each others company.

Step Three — See a marriage therapist or a clergy member to help you sort through your feelings. It is important that you both get in touch with what has gone wrong in your relationship as well as in your individual life. One or both of you may have brought outside stresses into the marriage that need to be handled. Maybe there are simple resentments or misunderstandings that you can work out with the help of a neutral third party.

No one gets married thinking that they will have trouble in their relationship. But, almost all marriages face bumps along the road. Marriage, like life is a journey that you take with your partner. If the two of you are willing to take the necessary steps to save your marriage you will find a deeper happiness and closeness once you have resolved your situation.

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