Top 3 reasons why men break up with good women

It sometimes happens that a guy loves you, but suddenly he breaks up with you. You keep on wondering what went wrong with the relationship, but can’t find any answer. The guy won’t tell you the real reasons; but here are the main reasons men walk away from the relationship.

He felt inadequate

The man must have felt pressurized as he thought you were better than him in every respect. He felt that there was an imbalance in the relationship. This kind of pressure challenges the man’s masculinity and makes him feel inferior in front of the woman he loves. This lets the man lock down his heart and run away from the relationship.

The relationship seemed competitive

In a relationship, if a man has to compete with a woman to control the relationship, then he feels inadequate. He feels that there is no place for him in the woman’s life. He might feel that the woman is controlling the whole relationship. If the couple tries to control each other in certain areas of their relationship, then they compete. Many men cannot accept this competition.

He felt no respect

A man cannot stay with a woman who doesn’t respect him. He feels that he is the weakest point and feels attacked. This is a reason for men to escape from a relationship.

Men usually don’t talk about these reasons when they break up. But women should know that these are crucial factors which can lead to the end of a relationship.

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